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Plastic Pipeline Welding & Fabrication

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Plastic Pipeline Welding & Fabrication 

David Buck Plumbing Services repairs, fabricates and installs plastic pipelines for Geelong and surrounding areas. We have been repairing and fabricating plastic pipelines since 1967 so are specialists in our trade!


Plastic Pipeline Fabrication and welding is done mostly for commercial jobs including:

  • Water Treatment Plants
  • Quarrie Sites
  • Water Ring Mains - Fire Services
  • Chemical Plants - Chemical dosing Tanks
  • Fume Extraction systems in laboratories


Pipelines are an essential part of infrastructure to many businesses, so making sure your pipelines are quality built and installed properly is our main priority. And because we’ve been delivering on this promise we have very happy repeat customers like One Steel and Holcim Quarries.




A common question we get is: “what type of plastic do we need?”

This is a very important question! It is very important to assess the purpose of the pipelines and what exactly will it be required to hold and transport.

There are different types of plastic required to hold various liquids and gases. We have made plastic pipelines to contain:

  • Acids
  • oils
  • chemicals
  • fuel
  • Water


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I want some plastic pipelines fabricated for my business, what next?

 When you’re ready pick up the phone and give us a call today. If it isn’t as urgent you can visit our contact page to send us an email enquiry and we’ll call you back!


We will then arrange a time to discuss and assess the requirements of your business. If required we will come out on site to perform this initial assessment. All of the fabrication work will then be performed at our workshop in preparation for an on-site installation of your new plastic pipelines.



All work performed by David Buck Plumbing Services is tested for leaks before we finish and workmanship is guaranteed.

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