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Frequently Asked Questions
At David Buck Plumbing Services we can repair all plastic objects for residential, industrial and rural needs including Plastic Water Tanks, Plastic fuel Tanks and more. We will even come out on-site to perform the repairs! Read FAQ on "Do You do Plastic Welding On-site" for criteria we need to assess for on-site repairs of your plastic tank.
Plastic Welding Repairs is almost always more cost effective than Replacement. Once you take in to consideration other costs of replacement there is generally a significant cost saving to repair and extend the life of an existing plastic asset. Costs to consider include: Disposal of Old Plastic Asset, Transportation of new plastic asset, Purchase price of new plastic asset and any Installation and Fitting Off costs.
Yes We perform on-site plastic welding services, but there is some criteria to assess before we start any on-site repairs including: (1) Is there easy Access to the plastic tank? (2) Is Power easily accessible or does a generator need to be hired. (3) Is the tank empty? (4) Where is the damage on the tank? if it is on the base of a large tank, it will need to be lifted to perform the repairs.

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